Retro is a direction to the past that will be in trend for a very long time because it consists of all the best and most memorable facts of each era. So, the object of eternal sport fashion is a retro bicycle. Mentions of a prototype machine that remotely resembles a bicycle on two wheels are still in documentary chronicles dating back to 1791. Those first retro bicycles did not have pedals, they were driven by a man when he kicked off the ground. In fact, these were scooters, but not familiar to us, but with a saddle.

Vintage bicycles devices still exist today. When choosing this means of transport, it is necessary to adhere to certain criteria: it is necessary to decide where the vehicle will be used – in an urban environment or outside the city; the age, gender, and weight of the person who will use the product must be taken into account.

If you do not neglect these rules, you can choose a technique that will ensure the reliability and safety of movement.

Features of the retro bike ICON E-Flyer

The ICON E-Flyer electric bicycle successfully mixes the latest technology and vintage design. The two-wheeled bike is inspired by the design of retro cars and motorcycles. This is not just another concept, as you might think. The model is actually available for order but costs a mind-boggling $5,345. For this money, you can choose a gray body and silver metallic. The model is equipped with tires capable of overcoming rough terrain and very sharp turns. Indeed, the bike is very stable even in the steepest turns.

Who created the ICON E-Flyer?

The novelty is the result of a fruitful collaboration between ICON and Vintage Electric. Two brands have teamed up and tried their best to surprise the world community. Indeed, the E-Flyer has appealed to many cyclists who value style and quality. The model is inspired by classic Americana style, which pays homage to the design of military motorcycles and muscle cars of the 50s. Such a bike is resurrected for a new generation, and especially for nostalgic enthusiasts.

The bicycle is really equipped with all the latest achievements of science and technology. For example, it is equipped with a built-in heart rate monitor, GPS tracker, and other interesting things.
Many retro lovers will surely fall in love with this bike at first sight. This successful design decision has received a number of awards and accolades at the highest level. It is not surprising that the creator decided to continue his work and develop the project further. In the future, we will definitely hear about new models and updates to the retro bike.