The scheme of a modern non-motorized vehicle was presented two centuries ago. At that time, the first bicycle scooters began to appear, which were a frame, a saddle, a steering wheel, and the absence of a pedal drive. These days, devices like this are being sold to educate young children.

The middle of the 19th century was marked by the appearance of front-wheel drive units. This model had a strange appearance – it had wheels of different sizes. The features of the model were:

  • curved tube-frame with two forks;
  • large front wheel and small rear;
  • seat near the frame;
  • a lower steering wheel.

The pedals were located on the axis of the drive wheel. The height was 150-200 cm, the handling was low, but the speed developed normally – from 20 to 35 km per hour. There were no brakes, which was unsafe for life.

The style of the present

Vintage and retro are the trends in great demand these days. Retro bicycles are also popular, considered museum rarities over time. Retro bikes represent the relationship between sport and style. There are brands that make semi-antique equipment. For example, the company Autum released the Epitaph Cruiser bicycle. It combines a unique modern style with some vintage details.

The Ariel retro bike model is better known – this is a really old unit. It has leather inserts, with light brown body color, and the most original thing is its wheels of different sizes, the front one is twice the size of the rear. In the people, this vehicle is called “spider”.
The most common retro bike model today is the Cruiser unit. It is especially favored by those who love leisurely walks, driving around the city, and those who prefer the classic style. This model is characterized by simplicity, which is an adornment and addition to a vehicle of this kind. This retro bicycle is more suitable for good roads, as it has a large mass.

Female models of bicycles

The women’s bike in retro style is characterized by special details that adapt to the lines of the body. This includes such an arrangement of the frame, which allows the fair sex not to throw their legs high, because it is uncomfortable – in the past, trousers on a woman were considered a sign of bad taste, and skirts and dresses were used in everyday wear. One of the most famous models of women’s vintage bicycles is the “Triumph”.

Female retro bicycles are intended not only for women, but also for men, children, the elderly, and the disabled. It is easier for children to learn to ride a bike with a low frame. Since it is difficult for the elderly and disabled to throw their legs high, if they lose their balance, they can quickly lean their feet on the ground.