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Papillionaire Melbourne Workshop

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Bikes also need regular lovin! It’s important to keep your bicycle serviced and in good working order to keep you safe when riding on the road.

Service Frequency

Depending on if you commute on your bicycle everyday, or just ride on the weekends your service requirements will differ.

If you are not sure what type of service your bike needs just drop past our workshop and our friendly staff will assess your bicycle. Generally as a general guide we advise:

  • Standard Service - every 6-8 months
  • Detailed Service - every 12-14 months
  • Internal Hub Service - every 18 months

Service Options

Standard Service - $59

  • Safety Check
  • Brake Pad Realignment
  • Brake Caliper Adjustment
  • Tightening of Brake Cables
  • Bolts & Nuts Tightening
  • Gear Adjustment (Rear Hub)
  • Tyre Condition Check, PSI Check
  • Headset bearing tension adjusted
  • Frame Wipe Down
  • Adjust Chain Tension
  • Suggested Maintenance Report

Detailed Service  - $99

  • Lubricate Brakes & Gear Cables
  • Wheel Alignment and Truing
  • Chain cleaned & re-greased
  • Cleaning Brake Surfaces on Rims
  • Re-grease headset bearings

Internal Gear Hub Service  - $50

  • Disassemble internal gear hub.
  • Check and re-grease all internal components,
  • Re-assemble hub and tension wheel bearings to manufacturers specifications.
  • Re-fit wheel to bicycle, check operation and road test.
  • $35 when added to Standard or Detailerd Service service.

Specific Repairs

Have a flat tyre or is there just one specific issues that you would like us to look at? Simply swing past the shop so we can inspect the bike and provide a quote for the specific job.

 Mud-guards, Chain-guards, Rear Carrier replacements

Fenders/Chainguard or rear carrier is looking worse for wear? We can provide replacements for most of your bikes. Each component is $25.


3-Speed Hub - Increasing Gear Ratio

If you have a 3-speed model and are finding that you are rarely using 1st gear (the easiest gear) anymore we can increase the gear ratio on your bicycle. Effectively you will lose 1st Gear and gain a 4th Gear for powering ahead!

This modification is $35, or $15 when added to a Service Package.

 New Tyres

Tyres wearing thin or tired of the style you have? We can install Cream/Gumwall or Whitewall tyres onto your bike to keep thing rolling smoothly. Tyres are $25each, or $20each when added to a service package.

 Custom Modifications

If there a specific customisation  you would like to your bicycle? Dual Kickstand, higher handlebars, Chrome Fenders? Please let us know what you are looking for and we will see what options we can tailor for your specific needs.

 Courtesy Bicycles

Loan Papillionaire bicycle are available free of charge, please enquire about this option when booking.

 Arranging a Service

 Book It in!

If you book in advance we can generally complete most services same day (Tuesday-Friday) if you can drop your bike off by 11am. If any extra time/parts are required for the job we will notify you once we have inspect the bicycle. Please note we no not offer same day servicing on the weekends, bikes dropped on wekeends are usually ready for collection on Tuesday afternoon.

 Walk in!

You can drop your bicycle off for a service anytime we are open, we may not be able to service it on the spot or same day as depending of the complexity of the Job, but will get to it as soon as we can. Most of these are ready within a few buisness days.

Please feel free to call our Collingwood Workshop or 1300 554 256 or email if you have any questions or wish to arrange a service.



Take these simple steps to prolong the life of your bike and get the most out of your ride. 

1. Keep your bike dry and clean. Riding in wet weather is fine but leaving your bike constantly exposed to the elements will decrease the life span of leather components and moving parts. 

2. Check your tyre pressure regularly.  We recommend that your tyre pressure is between 55 - 65 psi. This will ensure a smooth, easy ride and maximum traction. 

3. Lube the chain every 1 - 2 months. A well lubricated chain will last longer and decrease drive-train wear.  You can purchase lube from your local bike store. We recommend 'dry' chain lube as it is less likely to get on your clothes.