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How will my bike arrive?
We ship bicycles and accessories directly to your door. Your bicycle will be delivered to you in a flat pack, 80% assembled. We will provide you with instructions so that you can complete the remaninder of assembly. For assembly instructions and information, please see our ASSEMBLY page. 

How long does shipping take?
We will have orders shipped within 5 business days of receipt. Shipping time varies depending on destination, but generally takes 3-7 business days. Once your order has shipped, you will receive shipping confirmation and a tracking number. You will then be able to track the progress of your order. 

NB. If you require your order urgently please contact us directly and we will do our utmost to accomodate.

Do I pay for shipping?
We ship flat pack bicycles free to most metro areas, if you are outside this zone you will be advised shipping costs at the checkout page.

Shipping costs apply to accessory orders.

What is your return policy?
Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. If you change your mind you can return the item within 30 days of delivery. We will exchange the item or refund your payment in full. 

Please contact us on (03) 94164990 or shop@papillionaire.com

How do I arrange a return?
Please contact us on (03) 94164990 or shop@papillionaire.com to make arrangements

How do I assemble my bike?
Our easy to follow assembly instructions can be found here.

Do I need to have bike experience to assemble my bike?
Our bicycles come 80% assembled, which means that all the technical bits are covered. Our simple video and written instructions make it easy to complete assembly in your own living room or garage. If you are having any trouble, you can always contact our friendly mechanics who would be happy to talk you through any problems.

What if I do not want to assemble my own bicycle?
If you prefer to have a mechanic assemble your bicycle, we can always ship your bicycle directly to your local bike store. You will need to pre-arrange assembly with your local bike store. Please note: Bike stores generally charge a fee for bike assembly. Once you have arranged assembly with your bike store, simply insert the address of the bicycle address in the ‘shipping address’ field when checking out.

Do your bikes come will all the tools I need for assembly?
Our bikes come with a set of allen keys and wrenches, which are necessary for assembling your bike. You will also need a phillips-head screwdriver and bicycle grease which you can find at your local bike ship or hardware store. Any other bike & maintenance accessories, such as pumps, patch kits, lubricants and tire levers can be found on our Accessories page.

Can I buy a fully assembled bike from one of your stores?
Yes! Papillionaire Bicycles provides a FREE pick up service from our store in Melbourne. You can pick up your bicycle 100% assembled and ready to ride. Please wait for notification that your bicycle is ready for pick up.

Where are you stores?
We have a Papillioniare store in Melbourne at 24 Waterloo Road Collingwood, 3066. You can find a location map and opening hours here.
We also have a range of authorized Dealers throughout Australia. Dealer locations are listed here.

How do I order a bike for pick-up from the Papillionaire Melbourne store?
To order a bike fully assembled from one of our stores, simply select 'Pick-up from Melbourne store' at the Shipping stage of checkout. Alternatively, come into our store for a test ride and to chat with one of our friendly mechanics!

When will my bike be ready for pick-up?
Depending on the season, we will aim to have your bike ready within 2-5 business days of your order. 
We will notify you via e-mail when your bike is ready for pick-up.

NB. If you require your bike to be ready urgently please let us know and we will do our utmost to accomodate.

What if I cannot find a Papillionaire dealer in my area?
If there is not a dealer in your area, you can always have your local bike shop contact us. We would be happy to ship a Papillionaire bike for you to test ride and purchase at your local bike shop.

What if my local dealer does not have the exact model I am after?
Your local dealer can always order and assemble any model on your behalf. Feel free to have them contact us with the exact model, speed, colour and specs you are looking for.

Can I get my Papillionaire serviced at your shop?
Yes! We encourage you to service your bike every six months. To book a service, please e-mail shop@papillionaire.com or call 1300 554 256.

How much will it cost to service my bike?
Cost for service depends on the state of your bicycle and any extra parts required. For a quote, please bring your bike into our Melbourne shop. For a list of general prices, please click here.

How do I prolong the life of my bike?
Take these simple steps to prolong the life of your bike and get the most out of your ride.

1. Keep your bike dry and clean. Riding in wet weather is fine but leaving your bike constantly exposed to the elements will decrease the life span of leather components and moving parts.
2. Check your tyre pressure regularly.  We recommend that your tyre pressure is between 55 - 65 psi. This will ensure a smooth, easy ride and maximum traction.
3. Lube the chain every 1 - 2 months. A well lubricated chain will last longer and decrease drive-train wear.  You can purchase lube from your local bike store. We recommend 'dry' chain lube as it is less likely to get on your clothes.

Is my bike protected under warranty?
All Papillionaire Bicycles come with a LIFETIME warranty on frames and forks.

All other components are warranted for one year from the date of purchase. This only applies to failures or defects arising from normal, everyday use of the bicycle. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or damage resulting from accidents. For further information about our warranty policy, please see our ABOUT page. 

Which model is best for me?
There are a number of factors to consider when selecting your bike - comfort, posture, riding style, aesthetics. Each of our models has a different frame geometry and is tailored towards a different rider. Click here to compare all four models. If you have any particular questions about one of our models, please e-mail us at shop@papillionaire.com or phone 1300 554 256.

Which speed should I choose?
3 SpeedPerfect for mild to intermediate hills, the 3 Speed Shimano hub is a clean no-fuss gearing system. The gears are spaced well apart to make sure you still get plenty of assistance going up or down hills.

8 Speed - Ideal for more challenging commutes, the 8 Speed Shimano hub offers a wider range of gearing to handle more difficult inclines and for greater power on downhill and flat gradients.

Which size should I choose?

CLASSIC / CAFE RACER SMALL (52cm) 5'3" - 5'11"
CLASSIC / CAFE RACER REGULAR (57cm) 5'9" - 6'4"
MIXTE REGULAR (48cm) 4'10" - 6'4"
SOMMER SMALL (43cm) 5'1" - 5'11"
SOMMER REGULAR (48cm) 5'1 5'11"


What if the colour I want is not available?
If your colour is listed as 'out of stock' it shouldn't be too far away. For an approximate arrival date and to make a pre-order, please contact us.

Can I choose colour that is not listed on your website?
We are unable to apply colours that are not listed on our website. We are constantly brining in new colours...If you do have a colour suggestion, please share it with us!

Papillionaire Bicycles prides itself on selling only the highest quality bicycles and accessories.

Our bicycle frames are made from high quality Chromoly (CRMO) Steel which means our frames are stronger, more durable and lighter weight than many of  our competitors who use lower grade, Hi-Tensile Steel.  That is why Papillionaire offers a lifetime frame guarantee!

Papillionaire sources the highest quality components for all bike parts.  This includes steel pedals, crank arm, cogs, fenders, brakes, brake cables and mudguards - NO nasty plastic bits! Our hubs are from renowned, leading brand, Shimano.

At Papillionaire we offer outstanding customer service, support and maintenance.  Not only do our bikes come with a free 3 month service (Melbourne, Brisbane & Sydney only), but also, our friendly mechanics are available 6 days a week to answer any questions or provide any assistance you may require. They can talk you through pumping a tyre or installing a basket. No question is too trivial!

We invite you to compare the quality of our bicycles with others on the market.

Papillionaire Bicycles include:

  • Lightweight CRMO steel frame – strong and durable, but light enough to carry up or     down  stairs.
  • Steel pedals with optional toe clips.
  • Mud and chain guards to protect your clothes.
  • Sturdy kickstand.
  • Optional rear carrier to match your bike. Super easy to take on and off.
  • 35mm Kenda Kwest Tyres available in either gumwall (black) or cream.
  • An upright seating position for greater riding visibility and comfort on the Sommer & Mixte models.
  • Traditional seating position on the Classic & Racer models for more aggressive riding.
  • Easy gear shifting - just a shift of the wrist.
  • High quality front & rear Tektro dual pivot front and rear brakes (3 & 8 speeds).
  • Our 3 and 8 Speed bikes provide the range you need to ride comfortably up or down hills.
  • Reflectors for compliance with Australian Safety Standards.