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About Us

Papillionaire Bicycles is an Australian owned and operated company. Founded in 2009 by Alan Caras, he was soon joined by his sister, Nicola Caras.

At Papillionaire, our aim is to integrate bike-riding seamlessly into your everyday life. Whether you’re in jeans, a dress, a suit or flip-flops, riding a Papillionaire is easy, clean and fun, with each model customizable to suit your own unique style. We've worked tirelessly to create bikes that are not only chic and modern, but built to last a lifetime, bringing classic European design to the streets of Australia.

We ship our bicycles and accessories across Australia and the world, straight to your door. Papillionaire’s head office and flagship store is in Melbourne. We also maintain a dedicated Papillionaire store in New York and are stocked by authorized dealers all over Australia, the USA.  To find your closest test ride location see our list of stores and dealers on our contact page.

We love hearing from you, whether you're an existing customer or have just discovered us, email us at shop@papillionaire.com or call 1300 554 256.